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Welcome to the new Cane Corso Rescue!

  1. Linette Reply

    We love that you are doing so much to help these dogs. A suggestion would be to have someone check the canecorso Instagram account on a regular basis. There seem to be several people who have expressed interest in helping dogs, which no response given to their inquiries. Also, if you could post what city and state the rescue is located in that would help people who may want to drop off donations or help foster dogs. Thanks again for all that you do to help this majestic breed.

    • Matt Sawyers Reply

      Hi Linette,
      Thank you for the feedback. We are working on a better way to track our social media feeds. It’s a full-time job just answering to social media messages ;-). Our mailing address is on our about page. However, since we are a foster rescue, we currently do not have a physical shelter constructed (hopefully one day). We utilize private foster homes all across the nation at this time. I’ll look into a way that we can better receive donation drop-offs in the future.
      Thanks again.

  2. Nicole Reply

    I use amazon smile and have you as my charity site. I just wanted to know if you actually receive $ donations from amazon as its supposed to?

    • Matt Sawyers Reply

      Hi Nicole, Yes we do! Thank you so much for using Amazon Smile, it greatly helps us. 🙂

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