Volunteers are the backbone of this Cane Corso Rescue and we are always looking for new volunteers! If you are eager to get involved, please make sure you fill out one of Volunteer applications at the bottom. There are many different things our rescue volunteers do, such as:

  • Inform local rescues/shelters about us and to notify us whenever a Cane Corso is in need.
  • Evaluate potential Cane Corso rescues.
  • Provide a temporary foster home to a Cane Corso rescue.
  • Assist the Cane Corso rescue in getting any necessary medical attention (spay/neuter, heartworm, etc.)
  • Interview and visit potential adopters and their homes.
  • Transport rescues to their new “furever” home.
  • Help us with guidelines, internet research and/or site content.
  • Help us plan future fundraisers (online and in your local area). Watch our events calendar for upcoming events!