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Our sweet boy Cosi has had a very rough road! First, he was abandoned in a empty house for an unknown period of time. Poor guy ate whatever he could to survive…which sadly included many inappropriate and undigestable items. When he was finally rescued, he found himself at a shelter who was too intimidated by his size and appearance to handle him, so he simply sat in his kennel 24/7. Heartbreaking for this young boy who is INCREDIBLE! He loves people and dogs alike and is SO SO friendly! When CCR was contacted we went right away to break him out of his own personal prison. He has been an angel in foster care! Love snuggles and playing with his family. Sadly his foster mom quickly noticed a shift in him when he stopped eating and was acting very lethargic and uncomfortable. We rushed him to an emergency vet where our fears were confirmed… He had a bowel blockage. We knew our young strong 1 yr old boy could pull through so at about 3am he went into surgery. They were able to remove the blockage, and since then he has never looked back! He has been perfect for all the medical staff and seems to rather enjoy his wound care. His FANTASTIC foster mom even started him his own personal facebook to document his incredible journey, please check it out!!


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