Before You Apply Information Agreement


You will be required to Agree to the terms outlined below at the time of the Adoption Application

Before applying to Adopt or Foster a dog, please read. It is very important to follow what Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. has outlined for you.

If you do not fill out the application completely you will be DENIED IMMEDIATELY. With over 10+ applications coming in each day, our volunteers do not have time to search for the information and will favor another application over an incomplete one.

At this time we require that you be a homeowner when applying for adoption. If you want to apply for adoption and you are living in a home where you are not the owner, please have the owner apply. (Living with a relative, etc.) If you are a renter & you apply, as of June 21, 2020, you will be immediately denied.

For your Personal References, please do not put any information into email fields other than the emails themselves (do not put “n/a”, “none”, “unknown” etc.). You are required to submit Personal References with email addresses. If you enter anything other than an email address in this field you application will be denied immediately. Please also check to make sure that the emails you enter are valid. It’s a good idea to email your personal references ahead of time letting them know, to expect an email from us. This will also make sure that the emails you have are valid. They will receive the email within 15 minutes of you submitting the application as this is done AUTOMATICALLY by our system. If the emails are not correct, the personal references will not receive their email and will considerably slow down your application. 

If you have a small dog in your household (under 20 lbs.) then you may not be considered for adoption. Many Cane Corso dogs in the rescue have a small-prey drive and it can put your small dog/pet in danger. This also goes for people with pets such as Cats, Ferrets, Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, Raccoons, & Squirrels. In the event that you are approved with the exception of the small animal(s). Cane Corso Rescue will put you on a waiting list in the event that we do not have a dog that fits your family. When a dog comes along that does not show signs of small-prey drive, then we will notify you.

Please remember that your new dog will be experiencing increased stress. Though it is good stress to go home, it is still stress and different dogs react differently.

Keep your new dog’s stress level low by NOT taking him/her out into public for at least 2 weeks. Give him/her time to get settled and bond with you. In this way, you can learn to read him/her’s body language and know when he/she is uncomfortable. Keep in mind, we want to set your dog up for 100% success. If you don’t feel certain he/she will succeed 100% in a given situation, don’t expose him/her to that situation. This is VERY important.

The dog’s history and reaction to children, cats, and other dogs is unknown. Unless you are specifically told in writing on the foster/ adoption contract, you agree to keep this dog away from children, cats, and other dogs. If you violate these terms, you assume all responsibility and liability and absolve Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. of any responsibility.

In the First 2 Weeks you agree to:

1. NO outings or public events.

2. NO introductions to outside animals in the immediate family.

3. Take a minimum of 1-2 weeks to introduce your new companion to your current pets.
(Use baby gates, crates, separate rooms, etc to keep dogs separate. Complete multiple walks daily with all dogs, not allowing them to touch. These walks make a huge difference when introducing dogs.)