On MondayJanuary 28, CCR received a call from a vet in SC who helped a CCR dog tremendously a few years ago (remember Pumpkin who as hit by the car and the owner couldn’t afford vetting so he made his own splint at home for a compound fracture?)  This time, another emergency…..  Nala was picked up by a good samaritan 1 day prior, after she was observed to walk into the middle of the highway and collapse.  After attempting to assist her to stand, this good samaritan realized she needed help to get Nala picked up and brought to the vet asap.  This is exactly what happened.  Nala was treated by an emergency vet (not a lot was done/ could be done at that time) and then she was transferred to the current vet office on Sunday.  Treatment to get Nala healthy began at the current vet office.

Nala was NOT standing at all and it was determined that she was heartworm positive and filled with intestinal parasites.  The other concern on Monday was that she potentially had a foreign body.  With some radiographs and a barium test, the foreign body blockage was ruled out (though cautiously ruled out) and things started to look up.  Her soft tissue damages were treated and she was put on pain meds.  She was dewormed and overall, things were looking positive.  After 24hrs+ of vet care, CCR didn’t think we would have to fundraise and we expected Nala to be in her foster home, getting comfy and ready to meet her CCR friends and supports who would rally to find her a great home.  That’s exactly what was started!

However, on Tuesday afternoon, CCR received a text that Nala needed to be returned to the vet office immediately.  After spending a little over 8hrs in her foster home, was having to go back to the vet.  She did get to lay on the bed and watch TV with her foster family, go on a few short potty walks, scarf down several yummy meals, and get lots of love, scratches and pets.  She had to go back to the vet because her full blood panels had come back and her values were so bad that she appeared to be in kidney failure 🙁 . Nala was rushed back to the vet where her levels were re- checked and some other tests were administered.  In addition, IV fluids were started.  Now there was concern for lepto.  Infectious disease tests were done and sent off,  but unfortunately the results take up to 7 days to come back.  Nala doesn’t have 7 days to waste, so treatment for lepto began.  She was eating, drinking, even walking to go potty.  Things were looking great… again!

Then today, after a good walk to potty, Nala had a seizure… this seizure lasted 2min and would have continued if appropriate drugs were not administered. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH NALA? Nala is currently on seizure meds, though the vet believes this seizure is due to the anemia, worm infestation, and just the fact that her body is going through so much stress right now.  The plan is to keep her on the anti seizure meds until we get other things stable.  Then we can wean her off of the meds if things are still going well.

Nala continues to fight for her life.  It’s hard to believe that this sweet girl was walking and wagging just a few days ago.  How can this be that she is back being hospitalized and we still don’t know exactly what is wrong?  More test results will come back tomorrow and distemper is also a possibility.  We will keep you updated and we BEG you to support Nala financially and in your thoughts and prayers.  She is a lovely girl and we hope she can return to her foster home very soon.  ANY DONATION AMOUNT HELPS TREMENDOUSLY AND WILL GO TO NALA’S CARE!  Please click on the DONATE NOW button to donate with a major credit or debit card via PayPal.  Venmo also an option available upon request.  Thank You!

Fundraising goal: $2,000.00

Thank you for your support and generosity!  Cane Corso Rescue Inc is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent the law allows.