Rylan – Male in Ohio

UPDATE 04/2021: Meet Marshal Raylan Givens: Ray Ray is a 3 year old Cane Corso that came from a shelter in southern Ohio. He was previously found tied to a tractor as a puppy. 🙁 He is a 115 lb + very strong goofball! He will do ok in a home with another large breed female. Ray Ray is a complete lovebug with his people! He loves being pet. He needs a privacy fence as he barks at people when he’s inside a fence and can people & animals on the other side. A quiet home (no children, no small animals) is a must as he is unsure of meeting new people. Are you the perfect home for Raylan?

CCR has been working hard with Rylan to get him the training that he needs. He has made incredible progress in the past 4 months. But then he suddenly stopped eating. His foster mom was concerned that he ate something he shouldn’t have, but she couldn’t find anything missing or torn up. When Rylan started vomiting water, she rushed Rylan to a CCR vet nearby. The vet immediately noticed on the x-ray a large blockage.  The vet recommended a specialty hospital nearby to have it removed immediately, but the bill would have been over $4k, so the vet hospitalized Rylan overnight on IVs in hopes that it would pass; unfortunately, it did not. The next morning he was put into surgery and the blockage was removed (photos below). He had eaten and ENTIRE blanket! We are thankful to the foster mom getting Rylan to the vet when she did otherwise, Rylan may not have been doing so well in recovery. The vet gave CCR a discount and we were able the bill reduced to $2275.81. So we need you help to raise the money to cover Rylan’s surgery and finish getting him prepared for his furever home.

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Gary and Sandy White

$25.00 10/12/2021

Kim Costello

$10.61 10/10/2021


$26.06 08/30/2021

I would love to adopt him but I wont be able until I am back home in a few months. I have two cane corso babies at home. one 9 years old… Read more

I would love to adopt him but I wont be able until I am back home in a few months. I have two cane corso babies at home. one 9 years old another 4. If he is still available when I get back I will contact you. He will come to a loving and responsible family.


$50.00 08/29/2021

Justin Gilbert

$50.00 08/24/2021


$10.00 08/06/2021


$26.06 07/21/2021

Good Luck!!

Charlene Bartlett

$26.06 05/13/2021


$25.00 05/04/2021

Mark Clifford

$51.80 04/19/2021

Kimberly Chambers

$26.06 03/28/2021

Praying you find a forever home for this sweet boy!


$26.06 03/15/2021

Treasa Kenedy

$103.30 03/08/2021

Heal up soon Rylan! So that we can get you to your furever home.

kurt kroll

$103.30 03/03/2021

Happy to help mans bestfriend.He is Handsome Boy.

alana felton

$26.06 03/02/2021

Get well nala.


$103.30 02/18/2021

Linda Fedele

$77.55 02/16/2021

Gorgeous boy! Hope he is OK.


$51.80 02/16/2021

Eileen DePaolo

$103.30 02/10/2021


Veronica Goulet

$26.06 02/09/2021

Surgery Photos

More Photos of Rylan