UPDATE: 8/16/17: It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to announce that Stormy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He fought as hard as he could but he was not strong enough to overcome the internal damage. His foster mom was by his side visiting him when he took his last breaths. He left this world knowing he was loved. We cannot thank everyone enough for all the support that was show for our sweet Stormy.


UPDATE:8/15/17: I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Stormy underwent surgery this morning, and unfortunately the damage was much more extensive than we were hoping. The surgeon was able to remove a full sized bath towel from his bowel through a series of many incisions into the intestines. Stormy’s recovery will be touch and go, but we will keep updating this page with any new information we have. Stormy will remain in ICU for several more days. Due to the severity of his condition, our cost has risen also. We do not want to have to remove Stormy from the vets office prematurely due to cost so we are asking for a little more support! THANK YOU CCR NATION – Stormy is a fighter! We wont give up on him!

Poor Stormy is in dire need of help. Stormy was pulled from a high kill shelter in New York after being found roaming a school yard looking for a friend. He has been very patiently waiting his turn in boarding care for a family to come along and give him a chance. Now his life is in danger as he is very sick. About 10 days ago, Stormy stopped eating like he used to which is very unlike him as it is his favorite time of day!! He was taken to the vet were it was discovered he had a fever, and likely some sort of infection. He was send back home with antibiotics and seemingly more pep in his step. Sadly, Thursday he stopped eating again and was taken again to a different vet. At this vet it was discovered that poor Stormy has been dealing with an intestinal blockage. X-rays revealed an object lodged in the very beginning of his small intestine. Stormy WILL NOT LIVE if we cannot get his this desperately needed surgery in the next few days. He has lost 25 lbs in the last 10 days and is struggling to hold on. Last night he was moved to an emergency foster who has more than 10 years experience in the veterinary field as a vet tech and has been supplying him with MUCH needed fluids and force feeding him nutrient rich gruel to try and keep him going until surgery can be provided.

We know that it is a lot to ask for one dog, but we need to raise at least $2000 to be able to get Stormy in for surgery. This poor boy has never been given the chance to be in a family home and feel a warm bed and love. At only 2-3 years old he has great odds of recovering and living a long and happy life. Please help us give this sweet boy a chance at the life he truly deserves.

Thank you all so much for your support.


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