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Ohio Dogs Need Your Help!


We know we just asked, but we desperately need your help again. Cane Corso Rescue has welcomed 2 additional Ohio dogs into our fold. That makes a total of 4 dogs in boarding at the moment. The boarding fees add up so quickly and at this moment Cane Corso Rescue would have a hard time taking in any more dogs. It breaks our hearts to say no to dogs, but the dogs already in our care have to come first, that is where you come in. Can you open your hearts and send in a tax deductible donation to help Cane Corso Rescue save more dogs? We are in need of $2000 to help cover the costs of boarding these 2 new additions as well as 2 dogs already in Ohio, 2 in Pennsylvania and 3 in Texas. As always, CCR is so grateful to have the best family and network of people that are so quick to help out in tough times.

Recent Additions:

Willhelm – Blue male, 3 years old
Bella – Brindle Female, 5 years old

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Ohio Dogs Need Your Help!




raised of a $2,000 goal

Last 20 Donations

  • Amy D - $50
  • Bryan C - $50
  • Angelina V - $25
  • tommi m - $20
  • matt s - $400
  • Daniel G - $50
  • Amalia L - $50
  • RESA W - $25
  • Sheri T - $25
  • Katherine F - $200
  • Carri G - $25
  • Ashley W - $20
  • janet g - $50
  • Jacqueline C - $100
  • Lacey G - $20
  • Amelia B - $25
  • Travis B - $100
  • tommi m - $25
  • Matthew P - $50
  • Nicole D - $100
  1. Matt Bowen Reply

    Boarding fees.

  2. Yuki Hood Reply

    Please let me know if you have candidates to adopt them. We recently lost 8-year old Corso boy to lymphoma in spite of two chemo treatments. We want to foster (or possibly adopt) a boy if you allow ou-of-state fostering. Thanks.

    • Nette Reply

      Contact me. Im rehoming

      • CCR - Marianna

        Can you reach out to CCR via their phone at 1-814-68-CORSO if you are need of surrendering a Corso or rehoming. Thanks!

  3. Michelle Dernier Reply

    Where in ohio are they located?

  4. Yuki Hood Reply

    We’re in south Chicago suburb. Please let me know if out-of-state adoption is allowed. Please!! We’ll drive to pick him up.

  5. Christine O'Toole Reply

    We (my husband and I) live in Ohio near Mentor and have been looking for a husband for my 4 year old baby girl Elli Mae.weIrescued her a year ago at age 3. She is a gorgeous pure Blue Cane Corso. Very interested in a Blue male (uncut). If this is Willhelm pictured with the blue bandana,Please, please contact me, leaving my email.

  6. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Christine – did you fill out an application? I can jump on the application right away if you do it…. go to the top of the page and under applications you will see what needs to be done.

  7. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Yes out of state adoption is done…. first step – fill out application.

  8. Tim Tomlin Reply

    Hi my wife and I have a 1 year old male with papers we are looking for a good home for. With our work schedules and daughter he is just too much dog for us. Heis a beautiful dog and uncut. Please let me know if your interested in him.

    • Michelle Dernier Reply

      How is his health? Temperment? Where about are you located?

  9. Breann Reply

    I have a beautiful 3 y.o. female looking to rehome, I rescued her from a friend of a friend 4 months ago..
    Like many other Corsos she is awesome with my 3 year old daughter, but due to life happening we had to move in with my dad- and she does not get along (they both are territorial of my daughter and I) with his female puggle, but she is lovie to the male pit. I wish I could keep her but we cannot afford to lose a dog, or my daughter in the middle of the two fur girls
    She is not spayed, well behaved, walks well on leash

  10. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Breann,
    You’ll have to fill out an owner surrender form (in its entirety including photos) if you’d like our help rehoming her. The surrender application can be found under out applications tab

  11. Davita Cook Reply

    Baby cane corso. Had its shots. About 6 weeks. My neighbor now realizes he cant take care of the little baby while he is at work. Try to help find the little baby a home.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi davita, please have them fill out a surrender form!

  12. Tami Reply

    I would be interested in the baby corso mentioned above. What color and sex?

  13. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Tami, That dog was never surrendered. That often happens in these situations.

  14. John fletcher Reply

    I was going to call. I have male 2 years old July 4th, blue/merl Cane Corso. Great dog just plays to rough with older dogs, plays ball. Would make great farm dog, like attention.100% Italian, have certificate never turned in. Looking for Rescue home for Moses.

    Contact for more info by e- mail.✌

    • Tami Reply

      I would love more info on him. I would be interested

  15. John fletcher Reply

    Plz call me (number removed). Be glad to tell you about Moses.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi John, Im not sure who Moses is? If your looking to surrender a dog, our intake is currently closed.

      • John fletcher

        Sorry to hear, that’s was my question. If you run into ohio lookers I am here.

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