Ladybird (Lucia)

Ladybird – Female in West Virginia

Cane Corso | Dog Safe | Cat Safe | Kid Safe 14+

Updated 04/24/21: Ladybird came to us from a New Jersey shelter. after having her in foster care a very short time, and quickly learned that her previous owners were not nice to her. She is very head shy and gets defensive when you reach for her collar (if she doesn’t trust you yet). This poor girl is currently getting a bunch of confidence building activities and learning to trust in her foster home. Ladybird is excepting of other dogs, large and small, but it’s obvious that she hasn’t had a ton of interaction with playful dogs. She tends to seek out the attention of humans but does take time to warm up. This beautiful 2-3 year old Corso is a big girl and we are still working to get more weight on her. We can say with 200% certainty… LadyBird is absolutely stunning! An ideal home for ladybird will be a quiet household. No small kids and preferably an adult only house. She would do well with a calm, mature male dog or she can be the only dog. She does NOT appreciate high energy, loud dogs. She will actually avoid & even flee around high energy animals. She needs continued confidence building and time to trust. Once you earn that, she is ALL YOUR’S!

Updated 02/01/21: Ladybird is a 3 year old female Cane Corso that came into a New Jersey shelter. Ladybird’s history is completely unknown. However, she is doing well in her new foster home! She was briefly in a shelter volunteer’s home with another large breed dog. She is cat safe.