Grace (which CCR has named her) was brought into an emergency vet 1-25-16.  Her owner had just bought her and said he was out shoveling snow and a truck, also shoveling snow, ran over his 4mos old cane corso puppy.

The owner didn’t have any money to vet her and requested humane euthanasia.  A vet hospital employee/vet tech asked the owner if he would surrender her the 4 month old puppy over to her and she would find a rescue to help with her medical care. The owner agreed.
The emergency vet is a Veterinary Specialty Hospital during the day and they reached out to Liz this AM.  After having her hips x-rayed to be sure they were in good shape, Grace has been taken into surgery to place 2 pins in her femur.  Because it was an open wound and bone was exposed (CAUTION GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW: you can see her femur exposed in the photo at the bottom of this post), there is a high chance for infection.  We will hope and pray that surgery and recovery go well.  The surgeon feels that the surgery will go well and she will be healed in 6wks with no further complications.  The hardware will be removed at  a later time, and the hospital will not charge extra for this.  We are very grateful to them!!
Once Grace recovers fully, she will become available for adoption!  Thank you for your support.

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