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Toby was brought in to a KY shelter back in August.  When the owner was asked for ID, he left Toby in the intake room.  Later, Toby was released to a “rescue” in another county.  So, you wonder, how did he get to CCR?  Sadly, Toby is one of the thousands of dogs that are given to illegitimate people posting as rescues.  In December, Toby was picked up as part of a hoarding case, where he was held until the courts released him.  Toby entered CCR in mid-late January.  Upon his return to the shelter, he was in worse shape than when he was when he was originally dumped at the shelter.

Toby has deformity of his back end.  The shelter vet reported laxity in his hips.  CCR took him and immediately started him on a high quality diet, fish oils, glucosamine/chondroitin, Vitamin C, etc.  He has put on weight and muscle, but he continues to have difficulty with his movement.  He often falls and has recently begun to whimper or cry.  A trusted vet was contacted and Toby had a consultation last Friday.  The results are grim.  Toby has luxating patellas (his knee cap moves around due to genetic fault) and he has severe hip dysplasia in the right hip.  The hip dysplasia may not be a big issue *if* Toby’s knees were strong.  However, the luxating patellas is causing increased pain and significant difficulty in Toby’s mobility.

CCR is faced with a difficult decision: do we humanely euthanize Toby?  Well, the orthopedic vet that saw Toby didn’t hesitate to answer this question with a very quick “no!”.  “This is too good of a dog to not try to help him”.  WOW!  I have to say, that is the first time I have heard this vet say this when multiple orthopedic medical issues are found to be present.  Not only did he say this, but he is also giving CCR an incredible price to do these procedures.  We are being asked to simply cover the cost of the surgery and not a dime more.

CCR is so grateful to this vet and we would like to try our best to get Toby the medical treatment he needs.  He will have a right FHO to help the right hip.  While doing this, his right luxating patella will also be stabilized.  In this way, Toby will be given a good leg and provide him some stability.  Later down the road, we may consider doing surgery on his left knee, but for now, we will focus on the right side.

CCR is committed to Toby.  Now, we NEED YOUR FINANCIAL HELP TOO!  We will be having multiple fundraisers to help us pay for Toby’s surgeries, starting with this fundraiser.  Please help us spread the word and help Toby get his movement.  He has been let down by humans at least twice already.  CCR will NOT let him down!  Thank you for your support.

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