This is an absolutely heartbreaking story and a desperate plea for your financial support.

A few days ago, we received a website inquiry. The inquiry was a desperate plea from an owner with a seriously injured female Cane Corso. The owner reports that his beloved Corso, Pumpkin was stolen from his yard, a week ago from Sunday. On Monday, they received a call from an unknown person that she had been found on the road, injured. The owners immediately picked her up and took her to the vet. Unfortunately, Pumpkin has a broken back leg (possibly foot and toes). The owners were unable to afford the surgery that she needs to repair the leg and get her healing. They did “make a splint” for her, which she is currently wearing. She is on pain meds (though we believe the dose isn’t high enough for this girl, but we are not a vet).

We originally told the owners we could not help because we had just taken in the court case dogs and we have several high medical dogs. We just do not have the funds for another surgery.

The owners continued to beg and plead with CCR to take her, raise the money for her surgery, and adopt her out. They DO want to keep her, but they understand that she must have surgery and be rehabilitated. They recognize it isn’t something they can do. Pumpkin IS SUFFERING, and this is what is hurting us so badly. This dog needs immediate help or needs to be humanely euthanized. We will be calling vets in the South Carolina area today to beg and plead to get discounted services for this girl, but we have very few contacts in SC. (If you know of any Vets that can help us, please put them let us know!) We may need to move her to Georgia or another state, but she is in a lot of pain. Please, please reach deep into your pockets and help if you can. ANY AMOUNT will help. If we can all pull together- like the CCR army has done so many times before- we can help this girl too.

We are also looking for someone to take her as a medical foster dog. We can’t do the surgery if we don’t have 1) the funds AND 2) a foster willing to rehab her!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING and CARING!

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