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Help Noire Be The Puppy She Deserves To Be


Baby Girl (born February 16, 2016), now Noire was purchased from a breeder at 9wks. Shortly after she arrived home, her parents noticed she had a limp. As time went on, her limp became worse and worse. Her family maxed out 3 credit cards to diagnose her. leaving them in a bad position to spend yet another $3000 minimally for her shoulder surgery. They decided to surrender her to CCR because they knew she would get what she needed medically and find a great home as well.

Noire was surrendered to CCR in September. In Oct, we brought Noire into the program where she was re-evaluated and her condition was verified. It was decided that Ohio would be the best place for her to have her surgery and recover. With the help of a wonderful CCR volunteer and her contact with a superb specialty hospital, Noire can have her surgery to repair her shoulder, her cherry, and spay her. Once all this is done, she can begin her recovery and soon be the puppy she deserves to be!

We need YOUR help to make Noire’s dream of being puppy (without any pain) come to life. It’s a lot of money, but we need to raise $2700 to get Noire well and on the road to being adopted.

Help Noire Be The Puppy She Deserves To Be




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  1. Michael Hodgman Reply

    How can I donate?

    • CCR - Matt Reply

      Donation button fixed!

  2. Christina Reply

    I would like to adopt her. She was born on my birthday.. I would also like to donate

    • Diane Reply

      Click on the Menu and scroll down the Donate

  3. Liz Reply

    Sorry guys. Working on the donate button….

  4. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Christina – apply under the applications tab 🙂 the first step is an application.

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