Puppy Mills… We have all heard the term, but have you seen the results, have you met a survivor?

Meet “CHICKEN” – Puppy Mill Survivor

CHICKEN was returned to her puppy mill after she was found to be “defective” by the person that chose to support this factory and purchase her. She was deemed useless to the “breeder” as she could no longer be sold, and therefore was going to be killed!

CCR swooped in and saved CHICKEN. We now welcome CHICKEN into the Cane Corso Rescue Family. CHICKEN’s hind legs are not functioning properly.  She struggles to get up from a sitting or lying position.  She loses her balance and falls to the ground. She trips herself and falls on her face, side, or rump.  CHICKEN also has an extreme overbite.  This means her top jaw is much longer than her lower jaw, causing some difficulties with drinking and not getting water in her nose, and also makes her tongue stick out practically all of the time.  As she grows and her teeth develop, this could become more problematic as the teeth could hit the roof of her mouth.  She is, however, a very happy, playful, loving puppy.  She has no idea that she isn’t “normal” and we want to keep it that way!

We took CHICKEN to the vet and found her hips are good shape. This was good and bad news as it does not tell us what IS wrong with her legs.  Our plan is to start therapy with CHICKEN to work on core and leg strength.  We will decide on next steps with her care after her initial round of therapy is complete. Please help us fulfil our promise to CHICKEN to provide her with the best care and life.

The funds raised in here will go directly to her evaluation & therapy sessions. Any additional money donated through this fundraiser with go to and additional bills for CHICKEN or other dogs in CCR. Remember, your donation is tax-deductible! Thank you for your support!

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