Biscotti (now called Maggie) is a very sweet gal who was abandoned last winter in a dog park by her owners. It didn’t take long before a good Samaritan saw this sweet girl all alone as all the other dogs were being taken home for the evening by their owners. By the end of the night it was obvious – her owners weren’t coming back for her. Thankfully for this amazingly sweet girl, there was a local boarding facility who took her in and kept her safe until they could find a safe place for her. That’s where CCR came in! Her family had seemingly chosen to abandon her rather than get her medical treatment for the mass inside her eyelid. Her sweet demeanor and loving personality quickly won over everyone she met and she has been in foster care for the past few months. Now to finish her journey to her forever home we need to get her the surgery she needs to prevent any eye and vision issues in her future. The estimate for the surgery is $1200 – $1500. Any amount is greatly appreciated, we will be posting new pictures of this beauty after she is healed up from surgery!!

CCR is also seeking a new foster home to allow Maggie to heal up following surgery as her current foster parents are having unforeseen health issues. If interested please apply to foster/adopt maggie via her “dating profile” under adoptable dogs!


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