caesar update7.13.17**UPDATE**


The fantastic Evelyn Linden continues to work with Mr Puppers!  He is making progress and we will post a more specific update once one of our volunters speak to Evee. (current pic to the right)


Cesar was “professionally” trained using a shock collar and therefore is now highly crate aggressive.

Cane Corso Rescue has found a way to help this dog, but it we need your financial help.

We have a positive reinforcement trainer (Evee Linden) that is willing to work with Cesar at a greatly discounted rate to help correct his aggression (we have used her many times in the past with great success). In order to do this, he must be boarded in a facility that can accommodate him and be near Evee. This fundraiser is to pay for his travel, training & boarding.

Due to Cesar’s crate issues, CCR cannot use the normal volunteer transportation method, so Evee will be flying down to meet the dog and then will be traveling the entire way back to New York with a select set of transporters. This way she can begin to evaluate Cesar and prevent any issues from arising during transport. Cesar will then be placed in a boarding facility while he receives training 3 times per week over a 4 week period.

We estimate it will cost approximately $2600 to transport, board & train Cesar. Any additional funds raised will go to other dogs in need. Thank you for your help.


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