Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. would like to thank all our transport angels, volunteers, and friends for supporting Beauty and our mission. Because of YOU this precious baby will be going home this weekend and will start living her happy ever after life. Transport angels please ensure you email me your information for the final run sheet. I have it from most but there a few I am waiting here back from. My email is Who needs fireworks when we have ‘the village’!


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Run Sheet –Beauty– CCR TRANSPORT PLEA: TX to FL 2 Days & 1 Overnight

    Day 1: Saturday, July 4th, 2015 (Austin, TX to Moss Point, MS )

    Overnight: Ocean Springs, MS – Saturday, July 4th, 2015

    Day 2: Sunday, July 5th, 2015 (Moss Point, MS to Coral Springs, FL)

Beauty has received her miracle of a forever family but she needs a few transport angels to deliver her miracle. Can you help deliver the miracle to Beauty and her family? Thank you in advance for considering!

[intense_highlight color=”#ffff00″ font_color=”#000000″]***Primary Routes***TX-71E, I-10E, I-12E, and I-75S***[/intense_highlight]

***Divers needed in TX, LA, AL, MS, and FL***

Rescue: Cane Corso Rescue, Inc.

Please message or email the transport moderator if you can help,

Cane Corso Rescue Transport Moderator:

Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization as recognized by the IRS. Your unreimbursed mileage and tolls are a tax-deductible donation to this charity!

Great news our precious Beauty, fondly nicknamed Bee, has found her FUREVER family. We are so elated as not only is this family beyond fabulous but they will be welcoming their second CCR rescue into their homes and hearts. Bee came into rescue as an owner surrender to a local Texas vet who had been providing her routine care. Fortunately, the vet contacted CCR so she would never have to experience the heartbreaking conditions of a shelter or the possibility of being euthanized. Bee has come a long way since in our care, developing into a confident, well- mannered Corso whose stunning beauty is simply breath taking. Bee has been in foster care for several months, she has resided with children, small dogs, and large dogs. She is a healthy, happy girl who is going to give her family a life time of delight. Unfortunately, Bee is in Texas and her family is in Florida so in order for her to receive her miracle we need a quite a few transport angels to get her home! CCR, Bee, and her family would be FUREVER grateful if you would consider being a part of Bee’s miraculous journey by driving a leg or two of her transport.

This 3 year old black Beauty is healthy, happy, and ready to receive her miracle. Bee weighs about 100lbs. She is spayed, microchipped, current on vaccinations and preventive care for heartworm, flea and ticks. Bee will travel with a health cert, vaccination records, leash, collar, and food. We are confident she will do well on this long transport as she loves to go for car rides and loves meeting new people. Bee gets along great with other dogs and children but we ask that she not be introduced to any during transport to ensure her level of excitement is kept at a minimum. Bee travels well and since all CCR transports are single dog transports, there is no need to crate her as she will jump right in the back seat and happily go for a ride.

DAY 1: Saturday, July 4th, 2015 (10min potty breaks have been built in to each leg)

Leg #1: 8:00AM-9:05AM Austin, TX – La Grange, TX
64miles, 1hr, 5min – FILLED – Thank You, Jennifer W!

Leg #2: 9:15AM-10:27AM La Grange, TX – Houston, TX
81miles, 1hr, 12minFILLED, Thank you-Adrienne W!

Leg #3: 10:37AM-12:16PM Houston, TX – Beaumont, TX
106miles,  1hr 39minFILLED, Thank You -Melanie L!

Leg #4: 12:26PM-1:19PM Beaumont, TX –Lake Charles, LA
58miles, 53minFILLED, Thank you-Robert A!

Leg #5: 1:29PM-2:31PM Lake Charles, LA – Lafayette, LA
71miles, 1hr, 2minFILLED, Thank you-Linda!

Leg #6: 2:41PM-3:42PM Lafayette, LA – Baton Rouge, LA
miles, 1hr, 1minFILLED, Thank you-Emily!

Leg #7: 3:52PM-5:19PM Baton Rouge, LA – Slidell, LA
93miles, 1hr, 27minFILLED, Thank you-Emily!

Legs #8: 5:29PM-6:39PM Slidell, LA – Ocean Springs, MS
66miles, 1hr, 10minFILLED! Thank you, Nita

[intense_highlight color=”#ffff00″ font_color=”#000000″]***Overnight***FILLED***Ocean Springs, MS area***Thank You, Nita![/intense_highlight]

DAY 2: Sunday, July 5th, 2015 (10min potty breaks have been built in to each leg)

Leg #9: 7:41AM-9:16AM Ocean Springs, MS – Pensacola, FL
99miles, 1hr, 35min – Filled, Thank you -Sharon T!

Leg #10: 9:26AM-10:35AM Pensacola, FL – Defuniak Springs, FL
78miles, 1hr, 9min – Filled, Thank you- Corrie!

Leg #11: 10:45AM-11:45AM Defuniak Springs, FL – Grand Ridge, FL
68miles, 1hr – Filled, Thank you-Anna!

[intense_highlight color=”#ffff00″ font_color=”#000000″]***Time Zone Changed to from Central Daylight Time in Grand Ride, FL to Eastern Daylight Time in Monticello, FL and beyond*** Time listed from Monticello, FL and beyond is EDT.[/intense_highlight]

Leg #12: 11:55AM-[intense_highlight color=”#ffff00″ font_color=”#000000″]*2:09PM[/intense_highlight] Grand Ridge, FL –[intense_highlight color=”#ffff00″ font_color=”#000000″]*Monticello, FL[/intense_highlight]
78miles, 1hr, 14min – Filled, Thank you-Anna!

Leg #13: 2:19PM-3:30PM Monticello, FL – Lake City, FL
79miles, 1hr, 11min – Filled, Thank you-Anna!

Leg #14: 3:40PM-4:58PM Lake City, FL – Ocala, FL
89miles, 1hr, 18min – FILLED! Thank You Marianne M.!

Leg #15: 5:08PM-6:37PM Ocala, FL – Apollo Beach, FL
98miles, 1hr, 29min – FILLED! Thank You Marianne M.!

CCR thanks all the wonderful volunteers for their support in getting this lovely girl safely to her fabulous family where she will be loved and cherished forevermore.