Update 7/20/16: We have now added AirTable forms to our Transport Application Process.

Recently CCR decided to take AirTable for a spin and we were very impressed with its speed, functionality & flexibility. Over the next few weeks, if you fill out a form, you may notice the AirTable logo at the bottom of these forms. You should also find that the forms are processing much quicker, more responsive and will be easier to use. (Yay!) At the time of this posting, only our Surrender form is using AirTable, but we will begin to slowly integrate the others.

Why did we decide to do this?

We have been looking for a solution to our growing base of adopters, dogs, volunteers, etc. AirTable offered the flexibility & simplicity we needed to customize the database and create the tables & fields we needed to suite our needs as a national foster rescue.

AirTable allows us to to keep track of form data more efficiently and to speed up the application process. When you fill out a form, the information is directly dropped into our secure database instead of copying everything over manually (saves a lot of time)! We are very very excited to be working with AirTable.

In addition, having this database will make our adoption volunteers very happy, more organized and will speed up the adoption, transportation, foster & volunteer approval processes.

Lastly, it will empower us for the future with it’s extensive API and allow us to integrate into our other software and systems.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely! Not only is the browsing traffic on the CCR website encrypted, but the form data you send and the data that is stored at rest in AirTable, is encrypted.

If you are interested in checking AirTable out for yourself, we highly encourage it. It’s also a great way to keep track of your favorite coffee shops (or whatever you want to track) and it’s free!

Please use or referral link to let AirTable know we sent you and it helps us too!