Baloo – Male in Pennsylvania – Urgent Foster Needed

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Baloo is a 5 year old, male Cane Corso in Pennsylvania.

Baloo is wonderful and family oriented. Unfortunately one member of the family has epilepsy and recently started having uncontrolled, grand mal seizures.

When Baloo’s owner has these seizures, Baloo becomes concerned with his owner’s movements and attempts to rescue his owner in his own way, this unfortunately has its consequences. In attempting to “rescue” his owner, Baloo has grab a hold of his owner with his mouth and does some obvious tissue damage to his owner.

This behaviour is not uncommon for Corsi in these situations. To them, they are trying to help. Some can even recognize the seizures before they happen and alert their owners.

Baloo’s owner & family is heart broken. But for their safety, Baloo is being surrendered to Cane Corso Rescue.

CCR is seeking an immediate foster to get Baloo out of the home as soon as possible.

From Baloo’s owner:

Baloo was named after the character named Baloo in the Jungle Book. He is up about 7 am daily and back to bed around 9. He’s very active, on weekdays running around the yard playing fetch a few hours per day and loves going for walks. During summer he’s at our seasonal camper, playing with the kids and going on our boat for rides and swimming with the kids. Winter he loves rolling in the snow.

He likes Balls, squeaky toys and tug toys, however balls are his absolute favorite.

Baloo will come with all his toys, crate and bed to make the transition as comfortable as possible.