Tory – Female in Texas

Presa Canario

Tory is a 1 year old (DOB: June 2020), female Presa Canario. Tory came to CCR from a Dallas, TX shelter, along with Champ. Tory is shy and timid when you first meet her. She takes time to warm up and it’s apparent that she is brand new to the life as a companion, family dog . Tory’s foster mom is working on house training and she does great with a consistent routine. She loves to play with the male Presa she was surrendered with (Champ). She actually gains her confidence from him and is very dependent on him, which is why we are giving them time away from each other as well. Tory interacts with other male Corsos and does well.

Tory is working on leash walking and basic manners, but obedience training with her new family will be very important for her confidence building and reinforcing good manners! Tory is a giant puppy. She was most likely purchased to be bred and it’s obvious she has been an outdoor/ kennel dog before coming to CCR. Her reason for surrender to the Dallas shelter was “rental property/ landlord issues”.

Tory is an intelligent, stunning, and active Presa Canario who is waiting to find her active, dedicated family. Tory will not be adopted into a home with cats, small dogs, or other small animals, nor in home with children under 8 years old.

Preferably, we would like to place Tory in a home with PRIOR Corso or Presa ownership.