The Puppy Pool

Momma Gigi is settled and prepping to have her babies in the arms of our loving CCR family. Now let’s have some fun!
Get your votes in for awesome CCR prizes to the winners!

$5 for each guess (via PayPal only)
Each $5 gets you one entry into category of your choice. (If you want to enter a guess for both categories it’s a $10 donation)
Your must submit an entry form after to have completed the donation form (complete the donation form on the left first then the entry form on the right or top to bottom if on a mobile device.)

🐾 Date and time of first puppy arrival (closest wins)
🐾 Total Number of puppies- include # of boys and # of girls as this will be used as tie breaker.

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Entry Form

Do you agree to us using your name & last initial on our website in the event you win or make the donation

Last 50 People to Donate

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