Ryanne – Female in Ohio

Ryanne – Female in Ohio

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Dog Safe | House Broken | Kids Safe 8+

Ryanne was found roaming the streets of a suburban area-Norton, Ohio. An amazing local rescue volunteer worked very hard to trap Ryanne and brought her safely off the streets. You can see how thin, scared, and dirty she was the day they trapped her and transported her to foster care. (The picture of her in the crate below. )

We don’t know how long she was out on the streets, but it was long enough for her to basically go into “survival” mode. She was down at least 20 pounds as well. For the first few weeks, Ryanne was very scared and preferred to stay in the way back of her crate for security. Pretty soon, the progress was evident and there was no turning back from there. Ryanne has made amazing progress in a short six months and now she’s ready to move onto her forever.

Ryanne is great with animals of all sizes. She currently lives with two Cane Corsos and a very small dog. She also met a cat at the vet the other day.  She just wanted to play with it.

We were able to repair her cherry eye, and we ask that if you can donate one dollar or more, we would be so appreciative!  The surgery went well, and her eye looks beautiful. However, she developed an ulcer that we are currently treating. She should be as good as new very soon.  So we ended up spending a few hundred dollars more than expected to repair her eye. Any help with donations to recover this cost would be greatly appreciated!!

Ryanne has become a true companion and loves to snuggle with her humans and her for foster siblings. As you can see, she has made herself quite at home. She even deals with the absurd behavior by the very small dog in the house!

Ryanne is housebroken, crate trained, and she’s making progress on leash training. Her new family needs to know that there will be a necessary adjustment period. Ryanne needs to learn to trust and it will take her a little bit of time. She will require leash walks for potty and just space and time will get her settled quickly.  Once she trusts you, she is an amazing companion and such a love bug. It is estimated that Ryanne is about 3-4 years old.

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