Jimmy – Male in Texas

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Jimmy came to CCR from a 2021 Texas cruelty case.  Please read more about this heartbreaking story here:  https://people.com/pets/1-dog-dies-5-rescued-abandoned-outside-houston-winter-storm/?amp=true

Jimmy is the oldest out of the cruelty case and he was the one that CCR was most focused on saving, as animal control wasn’t convinced he was going to recover.  Jimmy had the most severe injuries and suffered the greatest neglect. His photo in people magazine and on the news stations was the most heart wrenching. When Jimmy was recovered by thr  animal control officer, he was hiding on the floorboard of an abandoned vehicle on the property in temps less than 20* , just trying to stay as warm as possible.  Jimmy had a large tumor/ abscess on his right temple, covering his eyes and impairing his vision 100%.  His body was covered in scars and wounds.  Jimmy was originally thought to be blind because of the abscess and then the “good eye” was very cloudy and infected.

When CCR was contacted about rescuing the dogs, they were very honest that they weren’t sure if they were going to release Jimmy or humanely euthanize him. They said that he was not doing very well. CCR begged to at least try with Jimmy and we agreed that if we thought he was not thriving,  I could not be more happy that they trusted us and released Jimmy. Jimmy has made a full recovery and is just doing so awesome!

When Jimmy arrived to his foster home in January 2021, it was a struggle to get him to do much. He didn’t want to move, he didn’t seek out affection, he was very distant. He was 100% shut down. He also could not see very well, as he would bump into things when he would walk around.

We are thrilled to report that after a year in foster care, Jimmy has made a full recovery and is now seeking out attention and wanting to be a true Corso companion!!  Jimmy is by far a favorite in his foster home.

We believe Jimmy is about 7-8 years old. He has had a very rough life but all he wants is to be loved. He absolutely spends most of his day chewing on bones. He absolutely loves to lay on his bed and chew on bones!  he pretty much ignores all the other dogs but there is one other male from the cruelty case that he absolutely detest. We are pretty sure that may be one of his sons. His name is a Picante, and he is also available for adoption. But, for whatever reason, Jimmy is not fond of Picante. Jimmy has not been tested with cats or small dogs.

If you are looking for a very easy-going, affectionate, low maintenance Corso, JIMMY IS YOUR GUY!