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Finn – Male in New Hampshire – He Needs Your Help!

Update: Finn has his surgery today and is doing well. Finn & CCR appreciate all the donations thus far, please continue to donate if you can.

Finn is about a 2 year old Cane Corso that came to CCR from an owner surrender. He went straight into a foster home. After a few months, the foster noticed a bump that began to quickly grow. The first vet we took Finn to was unable to determine that the mass was after fine needle aspiration and ultrasound. So CCR had it’s regular vet in Texas make some recommendations after hearing Finn’s story, seeing his pics, and reading the initial vet’s notes. She recommended we take him to a second vet or a surgeon.  A week later, we took Finn to another vet and it was determined it was a Salivary Mucocele and received an estimate for surgery. The size of the swelling has increased several inches over the week and continues to grow. Finn needs the surgery immediately to avoid an abscess. He is scheduled for surgery at the beginning of this week!

The estimate from a long time CCR vet/ surgeon in Ohio with his discount included was comparable to the secondary vet that saw Finn. It would be easiest on Finn to have his surgery near his foster Dad so that recovery is easier.

Thank you for your support.

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Alisha B

$208.34 02/05/2021

In loving memory of our Corso Athena who passed one year ago today.

melania serfass

$26.06 01/13/2021

Linda Fedele

$26.06 01/02/2021

Sending Love to Finn and all of the dogs!

Jennifer Schmidt

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Nicholos Rittenhouse

$26.06 12/30/2020

Stephanie Hawthorne

$26.06 12/23/2020

Christine Raccio

$26.06 12/23/2020

God bless sweetheart ❤️❤️


$25.00 12/13/2020

Get well Finn

Bethany J. Levin

$26.06 11/19/2020

Jeffrey Baker

$100.00 11/05/2020

Stephanie Hartsel

$100.00 11/05/2020

Kathleen Pelletier

$100.00 11/03/2020

Love to Fin

Tracy Slavitsky

$26.06 11/02/2020

Rick n Maurene Kershner

$103.30 11/02/2020

Let’s get you better Finn

Rachelle Porco

$10.61 11/02/2020

Good luck sweet boy!

Staci S

$26.06 11/02/2020

Hugs and best wishes for a safe surgery

Elisabeth Fratezi

$51.80 11/02/2020

Prayers for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.

Kerri Finniganlayer

$10.00 11/02/2020

Noelle Steinmeyer

$26.06 11/02/2020

Kolby Williams

$3.40 11/01/2020

So adorable! Wishing him the best