Dory- Female Presa in Texas

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PLEASE HELP US HELP DORY! Dory is an ~2 year old female Presa Canario who was found running lose dragging a 30 foot chain. It was clear that Dory was being used for breeding. Despite not having the best start in life, she is INCREDIBLY sweet. None of the shelter staff have had any issues handling her in or out of her kennel, and volunteers even are able to get her out and play with her. She behaves SO well on leash that even a young child can walk her calmly. Dory has been dog tested and loves other dogs: large, medium, and small. While she cat tested well, it was noted that she ignores cats unless they give too much sass – so we recommend no cats, or very dog savvy cats only.  Dory is a favorite of the shelter staff and even goes home on the weekends with one the staff but sadly due to overcrowding and difficultly placing large breed dogs, Dory’s time is up. We desperately want to rescue Dory and give her the happy ever after she deserves!! Help Dory today by applying to foster! All the medical care will be covered by CCR!