Capo – Male in Texas

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Capo is a 5 year old (DOB: 06/22/16), Male Cane Corso in Texas

Update 12/2021: Capo has been professionally trained and walks good on a leash. He is a typical Corso, protective of his people. He is very energetic, highly intelligent and would be a great to do companion activities with (agility, jogging etc.). Capo looks forward to his daily jogs & enjoys playing fetch with sticks. Would do well in a home with another dog, but like a typical Corso he will have an adjustment period to get used to other dogs. Capo loves to ride in the car. His foster mom mentions that he loves go though Starbucks drive though and get a pup-uccino.

Capo lived with 6 other children ages 8 – 12 & a small dog; however, CCR recommends placing him in a home with older children that have large dog experience.

Original Post: Capo was surrendered to CCR because the family is moving and Cane Corso is on the banned breed list for the HOA they are moving into.