Ace – Male in Texas

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Kid Safe 15+ | Knows Commands | Leash Trained | No Young Children | No Small Dogs | No Cats

Ace is a handsome, solid black (and shiny at that!) Cane Corso. We estimate Ace to be under 2yrs old. Ace came to CCR from a southern California shelter. Two human guardian angels from another state got it into their heads that they were going to be sure Ace made it out of the shelter alive and into the heart and home of a great family, permanently. They started looking for reputable Corso rescues. The first rescue who committed to helping Ace backed out when they realized they would have to spend lot of time and increased funds on getting him vetted, and transported to a foster home out of state. That was when CCR stepped in! It wasn’t easy, as CCR doesn’t have as much of a support team out west as they do out east, but when we give our word that we will help a dog, we keep it! (**If you are interested in joining our awesome rescue team by driving, doing home visits, dog evaluations, fostering, etc, please fill out a volunteer form here We made it happen and those guardian angles can check the first part off their list because Ace is now in a foster home in TX where he will learn basic manners, basic obedience, and how to be an inside family companion! Ace enjoys traveling in the car (after all, he rode from California to TX!) though he can be a bit vocal initially. Once he settles down, he rides like a champ! Due to his unknown history, Ace will not be placed in a home with children under 6yrs of age and his comfort level with children will be determined in the next few weeks to months (we will update as we learn more about Ace). Ace will NOT be placed in a home with small dogs, as he is fine with them until they show the typical small dog behavior of barking, charging, etc. We hope to find Ace a family with at least 1 large breed female dog. Stay tuned for updates on this handsome boy.