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Wool – Male in Texas

Neapolitan Mastiff | Crate Trained | House Trained | Dog Safe

Wool is a 2.5 year old, Male Neapolitan mastiff in Texas.

Wool was picked up from a Texas shelter and little is known about him.

Wool was very playful at the shelter and takes a moment to warm up to you initially.

Wool loves to roll in the grass/puddles, etc. He is also a creature of habit and will go to the same place to roll! Wool is not a delicate water drinker. He dunks his entire face in the bowl and has at it! As such, he has a very wet mouth. 😂  Plan accordingly for his feeding area. 😉

Wool loves his people, all he wants is to be around you. He played well with other large female dogs after a proper introduction.

Wool has a high prey drive and will not be placed in a home is cats or small dogs. He would do best in a home with kids over the age of 14. Wool ‘s favorites toys are Monster Nylabone big chew, Elk Antlers, black Kong with food stuffed inside.