Stormy – Male in Pennsylvania

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | House Trained | Dog Safe | Kid friendly 5+ | 

This fine young gentleman is an 1-2 year old male Cane Corso. Stormy was 1 of 2 corso that CCR got an urgent plea to help in late January of 2023. As pictured below, Stormy and his mother were running loose in upstate New York and frightened home owners had called police to come handle them. Thankfully, the police who were called were patient and waited while we scrambled to find a local ( and brave!) volunteer to try to safely capture these two poor dogs who were running terrified in the cold. His mom was doing her best to protect herself and her baby which involved being scary as she possibly could muster to keep people away. Both Stormy and his mother would have been shot by the police if not for an AMAZING CCR volunteer who dropped everything and sprang right into action. Once Stormy and his mom were safe in her car, they became exactly what you see today…. loving and well adjusted goofballs! Stormy’s mom found her forever family and now it is his turn! He has spend several months in foster getting healthy, neutered, and socialized and he is truly amazing. Stormy’s forever family could have medium or large dogs and kids over 5, but no cats please as he can exhibit some prey drive.