Shiner – Female in Texas

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Kid Safe 5+ | Knows Commands | Leash Trained

After a recent visit to the vet, it was discovered that Shiner had a growth that needed to be removed. Cane Corso Resue, is asking for help for cover the cost of this surgery (invoice shown above).

Now welcoming Shiner! Shiner is a 4 year old (DOB: 8/27/17) female Cane Corso who was surrendered to a shelter when he owner could no longer care for her properly. Timid but super sweet, this girl is ready to go to her forever home with a family who loves her. She has dog tested great with a dog of a similar size as well as being very gentle and loving toward kids 5 and over.


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eric aros

$51.80 11/03/2021

Annette Gonzales

$36.35 10/02/2021

Good luck shiner! You beautiful girl

Katherine Fawcett

$103.30 09/24/2021

Harriet Whitley

$51.80 09/23/2021

Mary Geddry

$103.30 09/22/2021

Julie Blair

$36.35 09/22/2021

Knox Derringer

$5.46 09/22/2021

Eric Dietz

$41.50 09/22/2021

Staci Sanford

$26.06 09/22/2021

Erin Vasold

$103.30 09/22/2021

Victoria Karim

$26.06 09/21/2021

Love this girl!!

Greg Harris

$50.00 09/20/2021

Get well

Brian Sprowl

$103.30 09/20/2021

Nancy Baes

$300.00 09/17/2021


$309.27 09/14/2021


$309.27 09/14/2021