Samson – Male in Northern California

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Female Dog Safe

Samson is a 3 year old (Birth: Feb. 2018) Cane Corso in Northern California.

He was surrendered by his previous owners for resource guarding the wife. So, about that….. he’s a guarding breed and needs to know his place in the family. He needs to know you have things under control, your capable of making decisions and you are clearly upper management. If he doesn’t he most definitely will try and run the show! It’s what they were bred to do! Granted in this day in age that type of guarding isn’t needed but his DNA doesn’t know that. If not managed correctly this breed can resource guard, be unsure or reactive to strangers and left unmanaged make poor decisions guarding his home and territory.

We had a repeat adopter reach out to us and they wanted Samson & they were out west in Washington state. After a fantastic volunteer spent money, time, and lots of miles driving Samson all the way out to Washington from Ohio (you can read more about his adventure with Samson here: Part 1, Parts 2+.) We were shocked to find out that the family took in another dog without our knowledge. Without any preparation, as you can imagine, things didn’t go well. Samson was not left with that family and instead has been in limbo. He is a great dog and he is spending time with a professional trainer.

Samson is a fun, silly boy once you get to know him! Don’t expect him to warm up until he trusts you! He’s crate trained, food motivated, house trained, lived with other female dogs. Samson has not been tested with cats or kids.

He currently resides in Northern California with the trainers and they continue to work with him as well as help CCR find him the best home.