Ray Ray

Ray Ray – Male in Southern California

Cane Corso | House Trained | Small Dog Safe | Kid Safe 5+

Ray Ray is a male Cane Corso in Southern California. This beautiful black brindle is 5 years old, super sweet and laid back. Ray Ray was surrendered along with CoCo as they lived in the same home all their lives. CCR would prefer to keep them together if possbile. Sadly, the owners are moving and the dogs are not permitted at the new residence. Ray Ray has also lived with a smaller dogs and children 5+. This Cane Corso has always been well cared for and loved. Ray Ray is of lower energy (as is CoCo). Ray Ray is housebroken and used to sleeping on his bed at night. Ray Ray, surrendering family is willoing to help with transport costs to help get Ray Ray & Coco into thier new home(s).