Nova – Female in Texas

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Kid Safe 15+ | Large Dog Safe 

On May 4, 2022, we received devastating news that a fellow rescuer and friend of CCR passed away suddenly in his home. This rescuer was known to take in sick and elderly dogs that had very limited, or no chance of ever being adopted. He also rescued different types of mastiffs and rehomed them to responsible loving families. That tragic night that we received the news, we also learned that 34 dogs had been in the house and on the property without food or water since the day the rescuer passed away and all needed a place to go immediately. CCR and other volunteers sprung into action. Due to the amount of time without food and water, many of these dogs were very skinny and severely dehydrated. They would not have survived much longer.

Nova is one of the beautiful Cane Corso dogs found on the property. Though we had no information on her, we were able to find information on her here and there to help us piece her story together.

Nova was rescued from a Texas shelter in July 2019 and at that time they estimated she was approximately 3 years old. That makes Nova about 6yrs old now. Nova can be intimidating in her crate, but remember, she lived some pretty horrible days after the passing of the only person known to love her. Now that she has become familiar with all the volunteers that are coming in and out to take care of all the dogs, she is wiggly, smiley, and happy to go for walks and receive pets. We are still learning about her but we feel pretty confident that she would do well with large breed male dogs. She could also be an only dog. Nova is crate trained and most likely housetrained, though it may take her some time to get back into a new routine. She has no known health conditions. Nova needs a loving FOSTER or ADOPTIVE home where she can receive all the love and attention she deserves for the rest of her days.