Millie – Rainbow Bridge

Millie is a 3yr old Cane Corso from Houston, TX.  An acquaintance of the owner notified CCR that the owner was terminally ill and would need all his Corosos placed into new homes, as he was being medically transferred back to his country.  What they didn’t  tell us was that these dogs had been kept in a disgusting yard 24-7, unless they were being bred or having pups.  We later found out that the younger dogs were sold to breeders. Another important thing to note is that Millie had always been spoken to in Spanish.  So, now she was hearing a language from strangers that she didn’t recognize.

Millie was missing lots of hair and the small amount of coat that she did still have felt like a porcupine.  Millie was covered in scabs, some areas bleeding, and her feet, ears, and bellhy were red and swollen.  Her ears were over calcified and covered in bloody scabs.  (Her ear crop looks like a home job too.) . But the most heartbreaking thing of all is that Millie was frozen in fear.  She had no idea what to do or how to do it, so she just froze.  It was a huge adventure to get her out of her yard, into a car and to her foster home in Austin, TX , where she currently is located.

Fast forward to today.  Though Millie still freezes in new situations, she is much more willing to persevere through the experience.  She has gained so much confidence and NEVER has she growled, snapped, or bitten.  She is truly a love and once she is comfortable, she is all your’s!  Millie has begun to bark at times, which is very exciting.  She enjoys the company of other dogs and must go to a home with at least 1 other dog!  In this way, she can continue to build confidence.

Millie is crate trained but unknown with cats or young kids.  She really hasn’t experienced much in her short time on earth, but she is making progress towards tolerating and even enjoying some unfamiliar experiences.  Millie is still getting used to walking on a leash, as she was never on a collar or leash until recently.  Millie will benefit from a very patient family with at least 1 confident dog.  A bonus would be if the family spoke some Spanish, but it is not necessary.