Macho – Male in Delaware


Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Large Dog OK | No Cats

Macho is a 4 year old male Corso currently living with 3 children under 4 years old. It’s not working out as Macho has some visual issues and is easily startled when sleeping. He has growled and air snapped when awoken and this is not safe with the young ones.

CCR will not place Macho in a foster or permanent home with children under 12 years of age.

We are begging for a foster or permanent home as Macho has not had the best of luck. The family who adopted him has done EVERYTHING they can for him but now Macho needs more.

Please consider fostering Macho. He is great with other larger dogs – has played with several neighbor dogs. We prefer not to place him with smaller dogs until we do more testing. NO cats as he has no known cat experience.

When a CCR volunteer went to see Macho, he was a typical Corso at first, but then quickly began racing around the yard – running up to the volunteer – leaving and rubbing up against him, and the taking off to run and play again. Macho played ball with the volunteer and was a real joy! we really want to accept Macho into the program. If you haven’t applied to foster (or adopt, click here to fill out an application).