Luna Lou

Luna Lou – Female in Nevada

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Large Dog OK

Darla Doo, now Luna Lou , was pulled from a California shelter a few months ago. She has been in a foster to adopt home and the family adores her. Her lab brother adores her too. But, Sadly, the male shepherd does NOT like her and won’t accept her. The family has been slowly integrating Luna and even hired a trainer, in hopes that it could work.

Sadly, the shepherd is not coming around and continues to attempt to attack Luna Lou. Therefore, the decision has been made to move Luna.

Luna Lou came into the shelter as a stray in early 2020. She is a high energy, playful, and a sweet Corso. She spent some time on a farm with a short term foster family, prior to her move to Nevada. She ran the property and didn’t even pay much attention to the chickens.  Luna Lou is believed to be about 2 years old. She really enjoys playing fetch and running in the yard.  She has no known history with children, but with her energy level we feel best placing her with children 7yrs +. Luna would love other dogs to run and play with.