Justice – Female in Texas

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Kid Safe 12+ | No Small Dogs | No Cats

It’s sad that “I will love you forever” at 8 weeks ended up meaning, I will love you until life gets tough, you do something wrong, or until I get old. Then, I will dump you in a big, scary, loud shelter in the city.  And, I will sign you over to be euthanized, as supposedly, I am old, people aggressive, and animal aggressive.

That’s Justice’s story.  Her family welcomed her into their home at 8wks and then dropped her off to die at 5-6yrs old.  Now, we don’t know the whole story, but we will tell you that it is apparent that Justice was not socialized outside the yard or home.  Maybe she was owned by someone who didn’t understand guardian breeds.  Maybe she was owned by someone who didn’t know they were adding a highly intelligent, working dog to the family and that this higher energy mastiff breed needed exercise, socialization, and training.  Or maybe she was owned by someone who started off training and socializing her and then had tragedy strike and everything took the back seat.  Whatever it may be, Justice did NOT deserve to die.  CCR could not allow that to happen.  We brought Justice to safety and now that we have learned more about her, we know that she needs an experienced home WITHOUT small dogs or cats.  Here’s a little more about Justice:

Justice is an active 5-6 year old Cane Corso who was surrendered to a Philadelphia city shelter back in February, by the family who added her to their family 5-6yrs prior.   AmsterDog and CCR came together to save Justice hours before she was “to be destroyed”. She is currently being fostered in Texas.  However, there’s one major issue…. Justice likes the cats too much.  Remember that love for chasing the tennis ball I mentioned?  Well, that stems from Justice’s incredible working drive, otherwise known as her “prey drive”. We REALLY need to get Justice into a foster to adopt situation in which she is ideally, the only dog. And, definitely NO cats or small dogs.  Justice has no known history with children, so please don’t apply if you have children under 12 who live in your home or visit your home.

Justice enjoys multiple walks a day, averaging about 3 miles.  This girl has ENERGY and she can play fetch until her humans are more than worn out.  Once she gets to know you, Justice is very loving and seeks out attention from men and women.  Currently, she is crazy about her foster Dad… absolutely crazy about him!  Justice is eager to please and knows many commands.  She is getting better and better on leash, as she is as strong as an ox!