Georgia – Female in Texas

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | Kid Safe 2+ | Knows Commands | Leash Trained | No Small Dogs

Georgia is a 7 year old (Aprox. DOB: Nov. 2015 ), female Cane Corso in Texas

Georgia joined CCR in 2016, after being pulled from a south Texas shelter, close to the border of Mexico. She was emaciated, heartworm positive, and really sad and scared. It didn’t take long however, for her Texas foster family to see all the love and kindness Georgia had to offer. Georgia quickly put on weight and her dull dirty coat became shiny and beautiful. With great food, immune supplements, love, and guidance, Georgia blossomed into the fantastic corso she is today. She completed her heartworm treatment and is completely healthy and heatworm free. Her adopters waited months to receive her and finally welcomed Georgia into their family in the summer of 2016.

Georgia has been loved and well cared for in the home, however as time has passed and she has settled in, she has become more and more a true representation of the corso breed. Georgia is a dominant female, and REQUIRES proper introductions to  other dogs. There are some dogs that no matter how proper the introduction is, Georgia will not like. That being said in foster care she lived in a highly structured home with 12 other corsos with no issue. She interacted with the other dogs in the home daily, but of course was never left unsupervised or free roaming. The family that initially adopted Georgia is very active and wants a furry family member that can be social and mingle with other dogs without restrictions. Unfortunately, this is not Georgia, so we are seeking a new loving forever family for our sweet girl. She is an incredible companion who will not disappoint a new family. Georgia does enjoy the company of dogs but like most corsos, will require slow and proper introductions. Georgia is most definitely not a dog who will do well going to a dog park or very social dog events.

She is house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and knows all basic commands. She is a laid back gal who is very sweet and bonded to her people. Georgia will be returning to her original foster home to wait for the perfect home. She is safe with children of all ages.