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And there she was… running around, a Corso pup, jumping over, running under, and biting at all her Corso siblings. Until: “I want that one… I want her FOREVER!” she heard and then SHE FELT IT.   She was suddenly in the warm arms of a human, cradled and feeling oh, so comfy.  “Justice!  We will name her Justice, and she will be with us FOREVER!”

Fast forward 7yrs.  Walking down the cold, dark , and loud halls of ACCT Philly, you see dog after dog, after homeless dog.    Some running up to sit and stare, in hopes that you will open their kennel and take them home.  Others run to the back of the kennel to hide.  Some even cower.  While still other dogs rush to the front of their kennel. They may jump up and snarl.  They may hold thier ground and  release a growl or they may show continual, vigorous barking.

Once specific dog catches your eye.  She is big!  She is magnificent!  You can tell that she is a more mature dog, as shown by her silvery sheen around her muzzle.  Her bark is loud and her head is low.  As you get closer, she jumps up on the gate barking.  As you read the sign posted on her kennel gate, you get a sick feeling in your stomach. “NOT FOR PUBLIC ADOPTION” the sign says.  Below that “RESCUE ONLY”.  And below that: “TIME STAMPED: April 12, 2020; 5pm”. You want to cry.  It’s very clear.  This dog dies at 5pm.

Can you imagine living with your family for 7yrs. Your family was YOUR family and you were their loyal, guardian. You took your job as a guardian seriously. You would DIE for your family.  No, you didn’t allow strangers to just walk in your house. No, you didn’t greet strangers with a smile.  But, again, you are their guardian and you are simply doing your job!

Where is your family now?  They went off to find that next “forever” puppy and left you to die in a cold, dark, scary, and loud place. Will you be adopted before that timestamp?  Absolutely not!  Will you be pulled by a rescue before that time stamp?

YES, YES you will Justice!  Saved just before 5pm on April 12, 2020, Easter Sunday.  Welcome to Rescue, Justice!   Amsterdog and Cane Corso Rescue present Justice to you!  We saved her and now we need YOUR help to get her the training, socialization, vetting, and FOREVER that she deserves!

Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. is looking to raise $1000 to help support the costs associated with Justice’s intake.

Justice was saved from euthanasia on Easter Sunday by AmsterDog & Cane Corso Rescue. Both rescues agreed to save Justice, but that it would be required to make sure that Justice completes a board and train program in which she can be further evaluated in an environment in which she feels safe.  Justice will also need full vetting as very minimal vetting was done at the shelter due to her behavior and COVID- 19 restrictions.

Justice is currently at Woolirill Kennels in Pennsylvania in boarding, completing dog & human socialization and evaluation. She is also participating in a training program.


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