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Date:March 22, 2017




FOSTER NEEDED! UPDATE 4/3/17: A volunteer visited with Stormy this weekend and got us some great new photos! Don’t let his serious face fool you, this boy is a good ball! Stormy is still looking for a home to get him out of the boarding kennel so he can start his new life. Stormy gladly accepted all the treats he could (a diet is soon in his future!) and walked very nicely on the leash. After a little time to warm up this boy is just a funny dog who wants to play. Now all we need is a home to give him that!


Poor Stormy was found lost and confused wandering a school yard looking for a companion. The shelter assessment for Stormy showed a diamond in the rough! A gentle boy who is social and just interested in getting some lovin. He assessed very well with other dogs. Due to his unknown past, Stormy will only be adopted to a home with adults. The shelter vet estimates him to be approximately 2 years old. Stormy has not been with cats or small dogs.

  1. maria caruso Reply

    please contact me concerning this dog!!! maria caruso 708-277-3670 thanx…i have app on file..

  2. Caitlin Gaughan Reply

    Where in pa are you located? Is this dog still available to be fostered? Please contact me if so

  3. Ashley - CCR Reply

    Hi Caitlin, all dogs posted on the website are currently available. Location does not matter as we have many wonderful volunteers who help us transports dogs where they need to go to find their forever home.

  4. carmewn Reply

    Liz is stormy still available?

  5. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Yes Stormy is still available.

  6. Drs. Douglas and Hazel Manfra Reply

    Stormy has similar eyes as our beloved friend who died Tuesday morning.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Im so sorry for your loss. When you’re ready to add a new fur baby to your home, please apply.

  7. Darren Slaughter Reply

    Ok when can I get Stormy ?? We wanna welcome him with open arms ! Or paws ! Captain Good times said let the good times roll.. Thank you kindly D Slaughter family

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Darren, have you applied for adoption?

  8. Jennifer Carballo Reply

    Hi, does he still need a foster home? I have had my application approved awhile ago. (I applied to adopt)
    I spoke with Liz too, but its been awhile. I’m near Marble Falls

  9. Pat Reply

    I’m very interested in stormy if he is still available

  10. Alec Reply

    Is stormy still available??

  11. Eric Miller Reply

    I’d really like to give him a forever home with my family! Plz give me a Call! (Number removed. Please do not leave posts with personal info)
    Thank you,
    Eric Miller

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Eric, Please apply for adoption if you have not done so already

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Eric Miller – we need you to apply first and then we can go thru the process. marianna@CCR

  12. Michelle andrade Reply

    Interested in stormy , application on file I live in Maryland

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