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Date:March 22, 2017


SAMSON has been adopted!

UPDATE 4/24/17: Samson went to a temporary foster home today, but is still in need of a long term foster or foster to adopt! Samson is a fabulously socialized boy who is very wiggly and happy to greet new people. He is strong on the leash but takes corrections very well and is very eager to please. He knows his basic commands and gladly obeys when he understands what is expected of him. With a little work and some nice long walks to burn off some pent up energy this boy will be AMAZING!!!

Samson is a very handsome 3 Yr old male Cane Corso who is looking for a home to call his own! He has proven himself good around children and would love a canine sister to romp and play with. At 3 years old, Samson still has PLENTY of energy!! Anyone who doesn’t like kisses should stay away from this guy! Samson is in need of a foster family or forever home.

Samson is looking for a home with older children and a female large breed partner. He has not been tested with cats or small dogs.


  1. Clarence Reply

    Are you near philly area

    • Ashley - CCR Reply

      Hi Clarence, We do have several dogs located near the philly area, but for the right home we are able to move dogs from state to state. If you have not applied please do so through our adoption application link!

  2. Elizabeth Reply

    Would like to adopt him send me what to do so

  3. Ashley - CCR Reply

    Hi Elizabeth,
    The first step in adopting one of our dogs is filling out our adoption application!

  4. Lily Rivera Reply

    Any dogs near arizona

  5. Ashley - CCR Reply

    Location doesn’t matter for the right home! We have a a fabulous network of volunteers who help transport the dogs to their forever homes

  6. Sylvia Finnila Reply

    He is so beautiful! Thanks for the update and pictures. We’d love to adopt him if he is ever cat tested and fits our situation. 🙂

  7. April Reply

    Do you have any dog in NV, or possible ship dogs?i would love to take samson.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi April, We have dogs all over the US. We do not “ship” dogs but we do have a Corso “railway’ as we call it that helps move dogs to homes as long as the adopter is willing to drive the final leg. If you have not applied yet, please do!

  8. Jana Reply

    Hi Ashley, is he still available? We were previously approved -we have a 3 yr old female, but also had another male dog. We recently lost our boy dog and were hoping to find a buddy for our girl dog. She is also 3.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Jana, Im sorry to hear about the loss of your boy 🙁 Yes, Samson is still available. Ill pull up your application and contact you privately via email.

  9. Brant Harrold Reply

    Hi Ashley, I’m Jana’s other half, Brant. I had filled out the app and it’s probably under my name/email. If it’s no longer on file, just let us know and we’re happy to fill out the application again.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Brant,
      No problem, I was able to find it 🙂 I sent her an email!

  10. Tom hickey Reply

    I have a female Caine corso 4 years old and a large 6 foot fenced in yard I would love to talk more and maybe take him please let me know Tom

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Tom, please apply for adoption

  11. Tom hickey Reply

    Where and how do I do that

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      There are a couple ways to find our application on the website. Simply click “apply for adoption” on the left hand side of any dogs page, or follow the application links on the main side of the page (in the header). Please be sure to provide all information requested.

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      I did most of your application for you… Just a few questions I sent via email. 🙂
      Thanks Marianna@CCR

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