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Date:June 26, 2016


BRUTUS has been adopted!


UPDATE 03-22-17: Brutus continues to excel in foster care. His foster mom has this to say about him: “He is incredibly loving and bonded, and loves nothing more then to chew a squeaky toy at my feet. He is incredible around other dogs, being completely neutral to interactions but engaging in play when given the chance. He is currently living with 2 other male corsos while speaks volumes to how amazing he is! What he would love most is a family to call his own with a sister with a little energy to play with. Brutus currently lives with cats. He was not so sure of this arrangement in the beginning but has grown to know that if he acts like a gentleman he will be safe from the claws of fury. This boy is a true goofball. He obviously never learned about what steps are so its more of a antelope bounding up the steps rather than one at a time. Quite a sight to see.  Perfectly house trained and walks like a dream on the leash. He is very social in meeting new people when out on walks. We are working on him taking treats with a gentle mouth since he can be a little grabby, but coming from a situation like he did, I really cant blame him! Hes just a big guy with lots of love to give.”


UPDATE 09-05-16: Brutus has finished his heartworm treatment and is now ready to find his new fur-ever home!

Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. recently welcomed Brutus into the family. This sweet angel had been aimlessly wandering around for a while until a good Samaritan saw him and knew his only hope of survival was her. This good Samaritan continued to leaving food and water out for him. Brutus had no idea she was a good human but he sure was hungry and thirsty so he would come to eat and drink during the night and then run off again. Then one night CCR received a call that Brutus had fallen sound asleep on her porch so much so that she thought he may be dead. Poor baby was just exhausted but still too skittish of this human so ran off once again. With much patience and lots of good food, this wonderful good Samaritan was able to earn the trust of our precious boy Brutus and today he is happily residing with one of our fabulous foster families. Brutus is beyond fabulous and is doing so well that today (6/18) he served as an ambassador of the breed at a CCR function.

Unfortunately, Brutus is heartworm positive and is scheduled to undergo treatment in two weeks. CCR is hopeful that he will find his forever family soon so he can live the life he has deserved. Brutus is between 4 to 5 years of age.

Brutus has been completely vetted, neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on flea/tic prevention. Brutus will be treated for the heartworm infection prior to adoption. If you are interested in adopting Brutus, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.

  1. Katherine Noble Reply

    Completed Application!

  2. Amanda George Reply

    Do you know how he does with cats?

  3. Sachet Hamilton Reply

    How is he with kids?

  4. dexter tielke Reply

    would love to have a chance at this big boy reminds me of my BOERBOEL I recently lost is he still available ,single retired nice yard lotsa love to give.

  5. Sylvia Finnila Reply

    Has Brutus found his home yet?

  6. Sylvia Finnila Reply

    Sounds perfect for our family! Thank you for posting an update on him and adding more pictures.

  7. Andrea Reply

    Do you know how Brutus is with children/toddlers?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Andrea, All dogs who are child safe with have the ages of children they can live with listed on their profile. Brutus cannot be with children under 16.

  8. Oscar Reply

    Hello, I’ve just submitted the adoption application. Thank you

  9. Alia Reply

    Is Brutus still available?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Alia,
      Brutus was just adopted this past weekend. So happy for him!!

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