Callie – Female Cane Corso in Connecticut

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Callie is a 7 month old female Cane Corso in CT. Callie came to us from a shelter way in upstate NY, the week of Christmas.

Callie’s was found on the streets and her past is largely unknown. Callie has begun her new great life with CCR. she is currently in a foster home with a cat and a male Tibetan mastiff and they play nonstop. Callie originally showed initial hesitation of men but she warms up very quickly. The men that she met over the holiday were immediately her friends, which is so exciting!

She hasn’t met a stranger since her first day in foster care.

Callie would benefit from a home with at least one other dog, as she is energetic and needs attention & playtime. She also will need lots of exercise (did we mention she has a lot of energy? 😉), which may include walks, yard play or runs. She is working on being completely crate trained, though she tends to protest initially. Callie will make an awesome Corso companion for the her next and FINAL family.