Caleo – Male – FOSTER NEEDED

Cane Corso | Kid Safe 12+ 

Caleo is a 15 month old Cane Corso and was an owner surrender to a shelter in the southern United States. He was initially obtained to breed Cane Corso Puppies, but when the owner found out that it would be more cost effective to get a new dog than pay for the surgery, Caleo was dropped off at the shelter. One of the owners mentioned that while Caleo was great with her kids, she wasn’t sure how Caleo would be with young kids. Shelter noticed that he was standoffish of Men until he gets to know them. Caleo has successfully had his leg amputated and was up and walking, a little wobbly understandably, a few days after his surgery/ However, Caleo is scared in the kennel he is staying at, as it is far noisier than he is used. We are looking for a foster as soon as possible (or even a foster to adopt). He would do best in a quiet home with older children.