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Bruce – Male Cane Corso in Missouri – Adopted

Cane Corso | House Broken | Kid Safe 12+

Bruce is a 2.5 year old male Cane Corso in Missouri. Bruce has lived with another Corso and several children.  Bruce was surrendered to Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. because the owner’s boyfriend didn’t like Bruce and she was worried that her boyfriend while she was away from the home. Bruce refused to leave his crate when the boyfriend was home and the owner was working. Later, Bruce started showing other classic signs of stress that eventually tipped CCR off to the fact that Bruce was not being treated kindly.

Bruce is now in a loving foster home with a dog trainer!  Bruce’s foster mom is starting over and working to build up Bruce’s confidence.  Bruce adores his foster brother and his getting to know his foster sister (also a Corso.  She is making Bruce really work to earn her friendship!). Bruce is house broken and crate trained.  He was rarely leashed up so we are working on his leash manners, as well.  Bruce will NOT be placed in a home with children under 12yrs of age.