Blueberry – Female in Texas

Cane Corso | Crate Trained | House Trained | Leash Trained

Blueberry was born April 4, 2019. A request to surrender Blueberry came in around the holiday time in 2020. The original owner of blueberry had purchased her from a “breeder” in the Austin, Texas area. This breeder was clearly not reputable and the dogs were not living in the best conditions. Blueberry was extremely shy and she was the remaining pup of the litter. Her owners brought her home and she lived as an indoor family dog. Blueberry has always been shy and the family admits that they are new to the breed and didn’t know exactly how to handle this. They got it into their head that she was not great with kids because she had growled at a child at one time. Because the owners were now wanting to have children, Blueberry was given away.

The family that has blueberry now does love her desperately but she has started showing signs of not being accepting of the other female in the household. We have seen this before and we understand that this can happen. Currently Blueberry and the other female dog live at separate residences until something can be done. We are looking for an urgent foster or adopter for blueberry.

Blueberry was met by CCR board member. She would not be described as a difficult dog, though she is slower than normal to warm up to strangers. That being said, Blueberry quickly approached the CCR volunteer when she was ignored and not forced into interaction. This is very important in Blueberry’s case. CCR is looking for a patient family with no children or older children only. Blueberry needs a quiet home and would absolutely do best in a home with a confident, male dog. Blueberry is crate trained and she does walk well on a leash. Please help us, help blueberry get into her final home! She is a young dog for already being rehomed twice. She deserves to find her forever home.