Dogs & Adoption
Has ____ been adopted?
Each dog is categorized. If you find the dog in adoptable dogs, then he/she is still available. Also adopted Cane Corso dogs have a blue notification box at the top of the page saying they have been adopted. We do make it a priority to keep this information as updated as possible.
Do you have any more information on _____?
We post general information about the available dog on our website under the dog’s listing. We learn the most about our dogs when they are in foster care. Therefore, it is very important that you apply to give us as much information about you and your family so that we can match that information up with the information we are learning from the dog while in foster care. When you reach the interview process, the Director of CCR will call you to discuss dogs in great detail. In addition, you will have the chance to speak directly to the dog’s foster parent. However, this is ONLY done after you are approved to adopt. So, get your application in!
How often is the website updated?
The website is updated fairly often. Usually at least once per week. We usually add dogs within 72 hours of being notified that a dog is available for adoption or if a dog has been adopted.
I can't find a dog close to me, how can I search by state?
We initially were going to add a search by state; however, most of our dogs are pulled from a shelter in one state but transported to the best match foster home in another state. A state search would require us to constantly update dog profiles which isn’t a good use of our volunteer’s time. And truly, it does not matter, as Cane Corso Rescue’s transportation group will help get a dog to you as long as you’re willing to travel halfway.
How do I go about adopting a dog?
Please fill out an adoption application to get the process started.
How does the Adoption Process work?
First, we require you to fill out an adoption application on our website. When you apply with us, you are in essence applying for all our dogs. At some point during the application review, a volunteer may call you to schedule a home visit, then a interview with you and a board member. Once approved for adoption, they will let you know what dogs are available for you, your family & situation. If you have requested a certain dog, you will be told whether that dog will or will not work with your family. In case the dog you wanted is not a good match for you, we will let you know which dogs do fit your household. We can then set up a meet & greet if possible for you to meet the dog. If you end up deciding to adopt a dog in our rescue, a CCR volunteer (transport coordinator) will setup transportation from the foster home, to your home. We utilize a vast network of volunteer dog transporters to help transport the dog. We usually request that you be willing to drive 50% of the way. The dog will come with instructions, like what dog food they are currently on and usually some food to get you started, etc. Their paperwork will be emailed to you from our president board member.
How much is the adoption fee?
The cost depends on the age of the dog. It ranges from $200-$500.
Less than 1 year old: $500
1 – 3 years old: $400
3 – 6 years old: $300
6 – 8 years old: $200
Mixed breed: $250
Do you offer discounts?
We do not offer discount of the adoption donation. It costs Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. $600-$1200 (sometimes more if surgery is needed) to get the dogs where they are today. The adoption fee helps us offset these costs.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we do offer payment plans. We require a minimum of $150 to transport the dog to you (goes toward the total adoption donation) and the remaining amount can be paid out over several months if necessary (in increments of a minimum of $50/month).
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, money orders & Credit/Debit Cards (via PayPal) for both donations & adoption donations. Adoption donations can be made directly through our website.
What is ______’s age?
If we know the dog’s age, we will post it in their bio. If we don’t know it at first, the vet does his/her best to determine it during the spay/neuter.
Do you have any puppies available?
We rarely get puppies in & posted to the website, they go fast. The best thing to do is to apply for adoption now, so that you are “in line to get one”. Once we get the puppies in, we will contact you if you are matched to one.
I saw a dog on your Facebook page, but it’s not on your website. Can I adopt him/her?
Sure! You need to start the adoption process by filling out an adoption application.
Do you adopt to Canadian Residents (or any other country other than the USA)?
Not at this time. We also do not adopt to Alaskan & Hawaiian residents. If there was ever an issue with the dog, it would be very difficult to help the dog or the adopters quickly & effectively. We do; however, bring dogs from Canada, into the CCR program.
I have _____ children, ___ dogs (etc.) Will ___ work in my household?
We try to evaluate dogs as much as possible and post information about them on this website. Cane Corso Rescue, would never knowingly put a dog that was incompatible with your family. We want the dogs and your family to be safe, so we will make sure that the dog fits you family and that steps are taken to make the adoption as easy and safe as possible.
Dog Surrender
Are there any special requirements that are needed for CCR to accept and re-home my dog?
The dog needs to be up to date on vaccinations. In addition, all dogs adopted out by CCR must be spayed/ neutered. If your dog isn’t, CCR will usually ask that you make a donation towards this procedure. It usually runs $100-150. Any donation amount is accepted. The dog should not have a bite history and/or be banned via court order in any city/county. If the dog does have a bite history, the CCR intake board is willing to evaluate these surrenders on a case-by-case basis.
After I surrender the dog, can I get the dog back?
No. Once the dog is placed into our foster system, they will be placed into a loving foster home where they will be evaluated further and exposed to multiple situations. It’s possible that the dog may from time to time switch from one foster home to another if it benefits the dog. The dog will stay in a foster home until it’s adopted into its FURever home.
Can I speed up the surrender process by dropping my dog off at your shelter?
Yes & No. Since we are a Foster Rescue, we do not have a traditional shelter. However, once a foster home is found for the dog and you are able to drive the dog to meet the foster family and drop off the dog, then yes, this can greatly speed up the process; however, it should be noted that the foster home may not be in your state. In which case, if you are able to help transport the dog, this is still a great help to get the dog transported as well.
General Questions
Where are you located?
We are a National Foster Rescue which means that we are represented all over the country. We do not have a normal shelter. We utilize numerous private foster homes all across the United States to foster our dogs. However for IRS purposes our primary mailing address is located in Austin, Texas. Visit our About Us page to read more.
Can I come by and visit with the dog(s)?
It depends. Our main office is in Texas and we do have many foster dogs in Texas. If you are in Austin, TX and want to visit, we can try to set something up. We do need several days or weeks warning, as all of our dogs are in private foster homes. We also recommend that you please take a look at our calendar to see upcoming events to meet some of our awesome dogs. We have events all over the country as well.
I’m having an issue with my dog, could you provide some advice?
We are unable to provide advice for dogs & their families that are not part of CCR family due to legal issues. However, you may want to have a look at our forums and ask other owners for help.
I’m looking for a Service Dog, which one would be good for me? (I’m working with an organization to get a Service Dog, will you work the organization to get me one?)
We currently do not work with people or agencies looking to adopt/train a Cane Corso as a service dog. This is due to legality & liability issues.
I have questions, can you call me?
We don’t have the personnel to do this. Even if we did, it’s likely we would have to get back to you on the answer as it may require us to gather more info. You can ask questions via our “Chat with a Volunteer” box a the bottom of the page if you wish (or leave us a message & we will get back to you).
I’ve asked my question on you website, why doesn’t anybody respond?
Currently we do not have the personnel to watch & reply to comments on the website. Our volunteers time is more effectively used to help with adoptions, surrenders, transportation and other dog emergencies. If you use the “Chat with a Volunteer” box (at the bottom of any page) and no one is available, leave your email, name and your question so we can respond back later.
UPDATED 02.16.2017