May 28, 2019

Poor sweet Xena! This girl is just a baby at 1.5 years old, and already has such a sad story. Xena was originally owned by a family who bred her at only 1 year old. 3 days after her delivered her puppies, she suffered from bloat and they took her to a veterinary clinic to have her euthanized. Thankfully the vets where she was taken saw that this was not a dog who could not recover so they took ownership of Xena and performed the life saving surgery she needed. They also tacked her stomach so that this will NEVER happen to her again! She recovered wonderfully from surgery and went home with one of their dedicated vet techs to recover. She is now ready to join CCR and to find herself a loving forever family. As you can see in her photos, Xena suffers from bilateral cherry eye that was never addressed by her previous owners which will be addressed by CCR as soon as she finds herself a safe foster home where she will be able to recover. Xena has been with several other medium to large breed dogs and does great with them, so she would love a home with a medium to large breed male companion.