Apr 4, 2019

We desperately need someone to step up to help Santos! This handsome 4-5 year old boy has found himself in a shelter which is shocking because he is so well behaved, socialized and friendly! We are not sure how Santos found himself a stray, or why no one ever came looking for him, but it was certainly their loss. Santos has been with dogs of all sizes, as well as cat tested multiple times with great success. He even met a feisty cat who took some cheap shots at him and he simply turned the other cheek. WOW! What a good boy. Santos walks beautifully on a leash, stopping whenever his walker spots and waiting patiently to start again. All these wonderful things being said, Santos IS a true cane corso, and needs an owner who will not allow him to be the one in charge. If you think you can help Santos out of the shelter and get him ready for his new life, please apply!!


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