Apr 17, 2018

We are so excited to be welcoming Rosie into the program. This sweet girl has had a very rough start to life, but we PROMISE to give her a happy ending better than she could have every imagined! Rosie (and her sister) were found stray in a not so nice area of Illinois where many other dogs like her have been found in the past. The shelter’s outreach program was able to trace them back to a local backyard breeder who simply said, “If you find my dogs running loose its because I don’t want them anymore”. How nice to just tie a dog out in the yard and make money off of breeding her until she stops producing puppies and then just dump them somewhere to fend for themselves. Sadly part of the neglect she suffered was malnutrition and heartworm infection. Rosie is beginning her heartworm treatment and is being shown the good life by her new foster mom!! For never having been in a house before she sure is making herself right at home fast 🙂  After all shes been through, this girl has maintained a cheery demeanor and have been a doll to everyone she has met. The vets have estimated Rosie to only be 2-3 year old, so don’t let those silver cheeks fool you, this girl has got a lot of life left to live! Sadly Rosie’s sister is still in the shelter, and CCR is in desperate need for a foster family to her to give her the same start to a happy ending Rosie is receiving.

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One month heartworm prevention for Rosie
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